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Clinical Consultation & Mentorship

Additionally, I offer workshops to teams and agencies on the topics of:

  • Trauma/Complex-PTSD 

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Preventing burnout and compassion fatigue

  • Trauma-Informed care

  • Gender affirming care

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy 


My approach to mentorship and consultation is empowerment based and rooted in anti-oppressive structural theory. I have a great passion for this field and love to share it with others and love to work with others who share the same passion as me. It is my privilege to offer and safe and secure space for clinicians to grow their skills and feel supported in their professional development journey.


Consultation fee: $150 for 1 hour of individual consultation $170 for 1 hour of group consultation divided among all individuals

I provide individual and group consultation to registered therapists who work in private-practice or agency settings.​


I work with therapists who are new to the field and looking for guidance, and with established clinicians or clinical teams looking to deepen their skills in treating complex-PTSD, bipolar disorder, and in providing gender affirming care. 


​I help with:

  • Strategies for managing burnout and compassion fatigue 

  • Case conceptualization and treatment planning

  • Transference and countertransference, otherwise known as therapeutic enactments

  • Deepening therapeutic skills in trauma-specific, somatic and experiential modalities (tri-phasic model, parts-work, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Emotion Focused Therapy)

  • Developing competency in the treatment and understanding of complex-PTSD, bipolar disorder, and gender affirming care

  • Creating an anti-oppressive and trauma-informed practice

Book A Clinician Consultation

Ready to deepen you therapeutic work? Book a consultation with Anna at Lukomsky Therapy today to see how she can support you in your professional growth. Specializing in support for complex PTSD, bipolar disorder, and gender-affirming care, Anna provides personalized guidance to help your practice thrive. Schedule your free phone consultation now and start your learning journey.

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